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20 Aug 2018 | 04:58 PM UTC

Afghanistan: Security forces kill seven Taliban fighters in Kunduz Aug. 20 /update 1

Afghan security forces rescue 149 hostages, kill at least 7 Taliban fighters in Kunduz province August 20



On Monday, August 20, Afghan officials reported that security forces engaged Taliban insurgents in a battle in northern Kunduz province, rescuing 149 people kidnapped earlier the same day and killing at least seven Taliban militants. Tribal leaders are reportedly negotiating for the release of 21 hostages still detained by Taliban militants. These developments follow earlier reports that Taliban insurgents ambushed three buses near Khan Abad district (Kunduz province) on Monday, abducting approximately 170 people. The buses had been traveling from the provinces of Badakhshan and Takhar to the capital Kabul. Local officials believe the buses were targeted as the Taliban attempted to abduct civil servants or security personnel. Additional similar Taliban attacks and counterterrorism operations are possible in Kunduz province in the near-term.


The August 20 ambush came one day after President Ashraf Ghani announced a conditional ceasefire with the Taliban for the Muslim holiday of Eid Al-Adha; the ceasefire was scheduled to begin on August 20. Taliban leadership issued a statement saying that they would observe the ceasefire from August 20 through August 23. However, the Taliban leadership had previously declared on August 18 that there would be no peace as long as "foreign occupation forces" remain in Afghanistan.


The security environment in Afghanistan remains complex. Although travel is permissible in some areas, other areas should be considered strictly off limits. Professional security advice and support should be sought prior to travel.  

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