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29 Jan 2020 | 04:49 AM UTC

Sudan: Protests scheduled in Khartoum January 28

Protests scheduled in Khartoum against deployment of Sudanese nationals to Libya and Yemen January 28; further protests possible in the near term



Dozens of Sudanese nationals demonstrated on Tuesday, January 28, in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Khartoum to demand the return of relatives deployed to Libya and Yemen, reportedly misled byan Emirati company that claimed to employ them as security guards. Approximately 50 Sudanese nationals staged a sit-in in front of the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Khartoum in the evening (local time) that same day, stating that the group would not move until the deployed individuals were returned to Sudan. 


Individuals in Khartoum are advised to monitor developments to the situation, anticipate a heightened security presence and localized transportation disruptions near sites of unrest, and adhere to instructions issued by local authorities.