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13 Jan 2020 | 11:52 PM UTC

China: Sinkhole kills six people in Qinghai province January 13 /update 1

Officials confirm at least six fatalities after bus falls into sinkhole in Xining City (Qinghai province) on January 13; recovery efforts ongoing



At least six people have been killed after a sinkhole swallowed a bus and pedestrians in Xining City (Qinghai province) on Monday, January 13. As of 09:30 (local time) on Tuesday, January 14, at least ten people are still missing, and recovery efforts are ongoing. The accident occurred around 17:30 on Monday at a bus stop in Chengzong district outside of a hospital. At least 16 people also suffered injuries in the incident. Shortly after the accident, city officials cut water, gas, and electricity to the area as a precaution. Over 2850 customers were reportedly affected by the power outages; however, electricity service was slowly being restored in the area overnight. Disruptions to water, gas, and power supplies may continue through Tuesday. An investigation into the cause of the sinkhole is ongoing.

The area of the accident has been cordoned off and localized traffic disruptions are anticipated over the coming days as recovery and repair operations continue.


Individuals in Xining City are advised to monitor developments to the situation and avoid the area of the accident.