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24 Dec 2019 | 09:12 AM UTC

CAR: Armed groups clash at Central African-Sudanese border December 17-21

Violent clashes between rival armed groups reported in Am Dafok December 17-21; further violence possible in the area over the near term



Clashes broke out between members of the rival Popular Front for the Rebirth of the Central African Republic (FPRC) and Movement of Central African Liberators for Justice (MLCJ) over the control of Am Dafok, located near the Central African border with Sudan, between Tuesday, December 17, and Saturday, December 21. At least four people were killed in the clashes.

Further violence between rival armed groups is possible in the area over the near term.


The Central African Republic (CAR) has suffered recurrent bouts of civil conflict since December 2012, which has led to hundreds of deaths and displaced 4 million people from their homes. Clashes between various armed groups continue to be reported, though a peace agreement between armed groups and the government was signed on February 6.

Since July 2019, the FPRC and MLCJ have been fighting over the control of Amdafock, through which weapons and goods from neighboring Sudan often transit.


Individuals present in CAR are advised to monitor local developments, avoid the area of the clashes, maintain a high degree of situational awareness, and remain vigilant for potential militant activity.

In general, a number of Western governments advise their citizens against travel to most of the east of the country for various security reasons, including the presence of armed groups.