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04 Dec 2020 | 01:52 PM UTC

Nigeria: Protesters plan anti-police brutality demonstrations across Nigeria December 7

Protests condemning police brutality planned across Nigeria Dec. 7. Transportation disruptions, sporadic violence likely.



Activist groups will hold demonstrations condemning police brutality and excessive use of force across Nigeria on Dec. 7. Protesters will demonstrate and march in various locations across the country, such as the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Rivers, Lagos, Delta, and Bayelsa. The exact times and locations for the planned protests and marches have not been announced at this time. Spontaneous, impromptu, and otherwise unannounced rallies are possible in major urban areas, and specifically in parks, in front of government buildings, and major traffic intersections.

Security forces will likely deploy to monitor the gatherings. Violence is likely if demonstrators are overly disruptive or ignore police orders to disperse. Criminal activity and looting have been reported in the vicinity of demonstrations in similar protests; further incidents cannot be discounted. Ground transport disruptions are likely on routes near protest sites. Transport and business disruptions are almost certain during the planned demonstrations.


Anti-police brutality demonstrations and related civil unrest flared across Nigeria for several weeks beginning in October. The protests eventually grew to cover a number of issues, including poor governance and corruption. Tension also grew following deadly violence in Lagos, on Oct. 20. Deadly clashes were recorded in several Nigerian states, prompting authorities to issue multi-day curfews at the time.

While large-scale protests ebbed in November, efforts by activist groups to renew the demonstrations will likely continue for the foreseeable future, especially as related reform efforts within the Nigerian government lag.


Monitor local media and check with trusted sources for updates on potential protest times and locations. Avoid all demonstrations as a standard security precaution. If violence occurs, leave the area immediately and seek shelter in a secure, nongovernmental building. Plan accordingly for increased traffic congestion around announced rally sites. Allow additional travel time in affected areas and confirm the status of routes before departure. Reconfirm all flights before departure. Heed the instructions of local security personnel. Maintain contact with your diplomatic representation. Review contingency plans. Ensure plans account for persistent protests and possible further escalation.

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