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07 Feb 2020 | 05:38 AM UTC

South Africa: South African Airways cuts 11 routes from February 29

South African Airways permanently cuts 11 routes to stem losses from February 29; confirm flight reservations



On Thursday, February 6, South African Airways announced it would cut flights to 11 cities as of Saturday, February 29, to reduce costs. These routes include eight international destinations (Hong Kong, Sao Paulo, Guangzhou, Munich, Luanda, Entebbe, Abidjan via Accra, and Ndola) and three national ones (Durban, Port Elizabeth, and East London).

As a result, South African Airways will operate on a single national route from February 29, between Johannesburg-Cape Town.

According to the statement, people affected by the closure of international routes will be reimbursed or have the option to travel with another airline.

South African Airways stated that it does not intend to make any additional significant changes.


In late January, the airline cancelled dozens of flights as it did not receive the financial assistance promised to it by the South African government in December.

South African Airways, Africa's second largest airline, and financially government-reliant, has been going through serious economic difficulties, recording no profits since 2011 and a $627 million debt.


Individuals traveling via South African Airways are advised to monitor the situation and contact the airline for more information.