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06 Jan 2020 | 01:32 AM UTC

Germany: Police shoot dead knife-wielding assailant in Gelsenkirchen January 5

A police officer shot and killed an armed male in Gelsenkirchen on January 5; no other casualties immediately reported



Police in Gelsenkirchen shot and killed an armed male at approximately 19:40 (local time) on Sunday, January 5. The assailant reportedly ran towards the local police station holding a knife and a stick, and began attacking a patrol car outside the station. A police officer at the scene then fatally shot the attacker. No other casualties were immediately reported; an investigation is ongoing.

A heightened security presence and localized traffic disruptions are possible in the area of the incident in the coming hours and days. 


Individuals in Gelsenkirchen are advised to monitor developments, avoid the scene of the incident, and adhere to all instructions issued by the local authorities.