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08 Mar 2020 | 01:59 AM UTC

Mayotte: Dengue outbreak ongoing as of March 6

Health officials record 1797 cases of dengue fever as of March 6; take precautions against mosquitos



The Mayotte Regional Health Agency has reported 1797 cases of dengue fever as of Friday, March 6. At least 88 people have been hospitalized and two cases are severe. In response to the outbreak, authorities have implemented level 4 (the second-highest) ORSEC plans to prevent further spread of the virus. Areas of high virus transmission rates will be treated and fumigation efforts will be conducted in areas with vulnerable members of the population.

Further spread of the outbreak is possible over the coming weeks.


Symptoms of dengue fever include fever, headache, muscle and joint pain, fatigue, nausea, and rashes. Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) is a potentially deadly complication that is characterized by high fever, the enlargement of the liver, and hemorrhaging.


Individuals in Mayotte are advised to take measures to protect themselves from mosquito bites (e.g. by wearing covering clothing, using insect repellent, and sleeping in a screened-in or air-conditioned room) and to eliminate possible mosquito breeding grounds on their properties (e.g. small pockets of fresh water, such as rainwater that has collected in cans, bottles, tires, flower pots, clogged gutters, etc.).