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27 Jan 2020 | 04:27 AM UTC

Venezuela: Opposition protest scheduled in Caracas January 28 /update 7

Opposition party calls for another protest in Caracas on January 28; heightened security measures likely



Opposition group member Juan Pablo Guanipa has called for a protest in Caracas on Tuesday, January 28, in continued efforts to show opposition to President Nicolas Maduro. The call comes as opposition members of parliament have been continually been rejected access to the National Assembly building. Participants are expected to march to the National Assembly building at an undisclosed time. A heightened security presence as well as transportation and business disruptions are to be expected in the vicinity of the Assembly. Clashes cannot be ruled out.


The ruling Socialist Party swore in its own candidate, Luis Parra, as the new head of the National Assembly on January 5, as security forces erected a cordon around the building in Caracas, blocking opposition lawmakers from entering and re-electing, as previously expected, Guaidó. Guaidó was reelected in a separate parliamentary session on January 5; prompting concerns over the formation of two separate parliaments competing for legitimacy.

Venezuela is in the midst of a political crisis spurred by President Nicolás Maduro's inauguration to a second term as president on January 10, 2019, following 2018's contested election, prompting the National Assembly to declare a national emergency. At least 50 foreign governments, including the US, Canada, and Brazil, among others, have since recognized opposition leader Juan Guaidó as the interim head of state.


Individuals in Venezuela, and in Caracas in particular, are advised to monitor developments to the situation, avoid all protests and demonstrations due to the risk of violence, and adhere to all instructions issued by the local authorities.