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02 Dec 2020 | 07:51 AM UTC

Yemen: Unconfirmed reports of explosion at Sana'a International Airport December 2

Unconfirmed reports of explosion at Sana'a International Airport on December 2; disruption to operations likely



Unconfirmed reports suggest an Al-Houthi arms depot at Sana'a International Airport (SAH) has exploded Dec. 2. The exact cause of the alleged blast is unclear; however, media affiliated with the Yemeni rebels had earlier reported Saudi-led coalition airstrikes in the vicinity of SAH. Al-Houthi officials have yet to confirm the incident; there were no immediate reports of casualties or damage. Further details on this incident are also unavailable.

Expect an increased security presence near the incident site. The incident, if confirmed, will likely lead to disruptions to humanitarian and UN flights to and from SAH through at least late Dec. 2.


Coalition airstrikes have been a regular occurrence in Yemen, including in Sana'a, since 2015. Airstrikes have also been staged in response to frequent Al-Houthi ballistic missile fire into Saudi Arabia.


Avoid the incident site. Plan for disruptions to operations at SAH through at least the remainder of Dec. 2. Maintain contact with your diplomatic mission.

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