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American Samoa Country Report

Country Risk Level


Executive Summary

Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga was sworn in for his second four-year term on 3 January 2017 after being re-elected in November 2016. The territory has low crime levels and American Samoa’s status as a US territory has helped it to attract foreign direct investment and US federal government support.

Operational Outlook

American Samoa's status as a US territory has helped it attract foreign direct investment and US government support. Although the territory enjoys significant infrastructure development, with the federal government announcing over USD9.6 million in infrastructure funding in January 2018, maintenance has proven difficult. In July 2018, American Samoa's bandwidth capacity was increased to 200 gigabits, more than 150 times the prior capacity. The government is keen to diversify away from canning. However, public support for restricting foreign ownership of businesses and resisting an influx of foreign workers remains. Companies are encouraged to operate in line with fa'a Samoa (traditional culture) – for example, accepting patronage relationships that could be perceived as corrupt.


American Samoa has a low crime rate and violence is not a normal occurrence. However, statistics suggest that property crime motivated by economic distress continues and crimes of opportunity do occur. In late 2014, there were two shooting incidents, one in November that caused damage to the police substation in Leone and a second incident in December when a police vehicle was shot at in Lepuapua, seriously injuring a police officer. However, such events tend to be rare.

Risk Level
Critical High Medium Low Minimal