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11 Feb 2020 | 11:45 AM UTC

Brazil: Water shortage continues in Rio de Janeiro February 11 /update 1

Water shortage in Rio de Janeiro amid continuing reports of contaminated water February 11; stock up on bottled water



There is an ongoing shortage of potable water in Rio de Janeiro as of Tuesday, February 11, due to continuing concerns about possible contamination, which first emerged in early January 2020. Around February 3, detergent was found in the city's water supply; Cedae, the state-owned water utility, was forced to temporarily shut down a key treatment plant, resulting in water shortages in dozens of neighborhoods. Professionals have stated that the water is non-toxic and can be consumed, but many people are opting for bottled water instead.

It is unclear how the contamination is being managed or when water supplies will return to normal.


Individuals in Rio de Janeiro are advised to monitor the situation and stock up on bottled water.