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30 Dec 2019 | 06:06 PM UTC

Sudan: Security forces deployed to West Darfur state December 30

Security forces deployed to West Darfur state on December 30 amid outbreak of violence; heightened security presence expected over the near term



Officials announced on Monday, December 30, that military forces would be deployed to Geneina (West Darfur state) after a recent outbreak of violence. Arab groups in Geneina reportedly attacked camps for internally displaced persons in apparent retaliation for the death of a soldier from the Rapid Support Forces (RSF). Authorities did not specify how many people had been killed or wounded. A curfew has been implemented in West Darfur.

A heightened security presence along with localized transportation and business disruptions are anticipated in West Darfur over the near term. Further inter-communal violence cannot be ruled out.


Individuals present in Sudan, particularly West Darfur state, are advised to monitor local developments, maintain a high degree of situational awareness, and remain vigilant for potential militant activity.

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