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25 Feb 2020 | 11:58 AM UTC

Syria: Car bombing reported in Damascus February 25

At least four people killed in car bombing in Damascus February 25; heightened security presence expected over the coming hours



At least four people were reportedly killed in a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) attack in Damascus on Tuesday, February 25. The explosion took place near Damascus' Tishreen stadium. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack as of Tuesday evening (local time).

A heightened security presence and transportation disruptions are to be expected in the vicinity of the incident.


To date, the Syrian conflict involves many parties, including the Syrian government, the Russian government, the Iranian government, the Turkish government, a US-led coalition, and numerous armed groups on the ground (including the Islamic State) with competing goals.


Due to extremely poor security conditions, Western governments generally advise against all travel to Syria, with some banning travel to the country. Professional security advice and support should be sought prior to any travel to Syria.