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16 Apr 2020 | 09:53 AM UTC

Yemen: Houthi sources report coalition airstrikes in various locations April 15-16

Houthis claim the Saudi-led coalition conducted airstrikes in numerous locations on April 15 and 16; further fighting between Saudi-led coalition and Houthi forces likely over the near term



A Houthi military official has reported that aircraft from the Saudi-led coalition carried out dozens of airstrikes in Al-Jawf, Ma'rib, and Sa'ada provinces on Wednesday, April 15, and Thursday, April 16. Houthi sources also reported airstrikes in various parts of Sana'a and the surrounding areas in the early hours of Thursday (local time). The areas of Hamadan, Wadi Dhahr, Khwlan, and Amran were also among those impacted by the airstrikes. There have been no immediate reports of casualties and the extent of the damage caused is unclear. Opposing claims of ceasefire violations have been made by both parties since the coalition began a unilateral ceasefire from Thursday, April 9, amid the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak.

The announcement regarding the airstrikes follows reports of clashes between Houthi and coalition forces in Al-Jawf province on April 15. Yemeni government sources reported that coalition-led forces had recaptured the Khanjar army base in Al-Jawf province and Houthi sources reported coalition airstrikes in Khabb district.

Further fighting between Houthi and Saudi-led coalition forces is likely over the near term.


Yemen is engaged in a complex and deadly conflict, ongoing since Houthi rebels entered a civil war with the Yemeni government, supported by a Saudi-led coalition, in 2015. The Saudi-led coalition has carried out thousands of airstrikes in Yemen since its intervention began. Hundreds of Yemeni civilians have been killed in the strikes, which have hit schools, hospitals, and markets, in addition to Houthi militant positions and personnel. In total, more than 10,000 Yemenis have died in the fighting and some 3 million have been displaced.


Due to poor security conditions, many Western governments strongly advise their citizens against all travel to Yemen. Travel to the country should only be considered with proper security protocols in place. Professional security advice and support should be sought prior to travel.