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20 Aug 2018 | 06:37 PM UTC

Egypt: Security forces kill two militants in Akhmim (Sohag province) August 20

Security forces kill two militants in Akhmim (Sohag province) following an alleged kidnapping, according to media reports on August 20; additional clashes between security forces and suspected militants possible in the near-term



Security forces clashed with militants in Akhmim (Sohag province), according to media reports on Monday, August 20, killing two of the militants and arresting another, as well as securing the release of an individual who had been kidnapped by the group in Giza province. The militants killed in the clashes were reportedly from Qena province. Additional incidents of kidnapping, as well as security forces raids on suspected militants, are possible in Egypt in the near-term.


Security forces are currently conducting a significant counterterrorism operation in Egypt. The "Sinai 2018" operation aims to eradicate suspected militant and criminal cells in the Sinai Peninsula, the Nile Delta, and the Western Desert, as well as reinforce state control along the country's borders. The Egyptian police and the army have been placed on maximum alert in these regions for the duration of the operation.


Due to the prevailing threat of terrorism, individuals throughout Egypt should report any suspicious objects or behavior to the authorities and always be on guard when visiting sites deemed particularly vulnerable to an attack (e.g. public transportation, train stations, ports, airports, public or government buildings, embassies or consulates, international organizations, schools and universities, religious sites, markets, hotels and restaurants frequented by foreigners/Westerners, festivals, etc.).

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